Useful Kit For Flat Top Cooking

Useful Kit For Flat Top Cooking

To get the most from your Plancha and to enhance your cooking experience on a flat top griddle, we recommend a list of the following equipment. We don’t sell these but we will provide links on where you can find them.


1. IR Thermometer
If you are using only buy one piece of equipment, buy an IR Thermometer. This is even more essential when using a flat top griddle on a charcoal bbq. Your target temperature may be 175C and these IR thermometers will tell you when your griddle is to temp and where your hot spots and cooler areas are.

IR Thermometer on Amazon


2. Heat Resistant Gloves
There’s a very good chance that you’ve already got heat resistant BBQ gloves, if not, then we thoroughly recommend you purchase a pair of BBQ heat resistant gloves or welders gloves.

Note: We do not recommend you touching or lifting the Plancha while hot even with gloves. The plancha retains a lot of heat and will be hot for a long time after cooking. Allow plenty of time for the plancha to cool before handling .


BBQ Gloves on Amazon.  Welders Gloves on Amazon 


3. Cloches/Cheese Melting Dome

The perfect burger needs a perfectly melted cheese. A cheese melting dome will provide a mini oven over your burger or philli cheese steak and quickly melt your cheese. This process is also improved by a small spray of water under the dome that provides a cloud of steam in the dome.You can buy melting domes but many people make their own from bowls and attach a simple door knob. We have found suitable bowls in The Range

Wok Lid on Amazon 


4. Flippers & Scrapers

For that perfect smashed burger, you are looking for a burger flipper that has a sharp edge to collect up the crust from the griddle and also rigid enough to apply enough pressure. We found the Genware range very effective.

Burger Flipper on Amazon

This long flipper from Genware is also perfect for handling a large number of onions or a stir fry

Pierced flipper on Amazon

For cleaning, scraping and moving food in bulk, we recommend a good scraper. You can also use simple wallpaper scrapers or you buy one of these from Amazon

Stainless Steel Turner on Amazon


5. Bottles and Sprayers
We find that a squeeze water bottle is handy for both spraying water under a melting bowl and also for cleaning at the end of a cook. You can also use these for oil when cooking and also at the end of a cook for seasoning.

Squeeze Bottle on Amazon


6. Griddle Stone
If you are in the process of re seasoning your plancha or if you’ve added too much oil on seasoning, you can use a griddle stone that are specially made for cleaning griddles:

Griddle Stone on Amazon 


7. Spirit Level
If you’re planning a cook that uses a lot of oil or fatty foods then its a good idea to keep the plancha level so the oils run towards the drip pans. An easy way to check this is with a marble or a steel ball. You can also use a caravan spirit level:

Spirit Level on Amazon


8. Burger Smasher and Steak Weight

For burger smashing, we are ideally seeking a burger smasher with a flat surface. We have trialed these and they have a flat base making them perfect for smashing burgers. The sturdy handle makes it perfect for applying pressure. It also doubles up as an excellent press for toasted sandwiches or paninis

Flat Base Press on Amazon


These are just a few of the tools that we have found useful for flat top cooking. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch and we can share on this page.

Many thanks from Smokerig BBQ

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