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Staffordshire based designers and manufacturers of BBQ equipment. Bringing a boost to your BBQ. Home of the Kettle Plancha.

Currently developing a range of flat top planchas for popular charcoal and gas BBQs to expand the range of foods that can be cooked on existing BBQ equipment.

By working in partnership with local manufacturing and engineering companies, we are rapidly developing new products that are not only manufactured in a short space of time but also support local manufacturing jobs and industry.

We work closely with the BBQ community and actively seek feedback so we can enhance not only the products available, but also our service.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed and followed with a 30 day no quibble return policy.

All our Planchas are made locally in Staffordshire from heavy duty Carbon Steel providing excellent thermal properties and an excellent cooking surface.

Working in partnership with our manufacturing companies, we can rapidly turn design ideas from an initial concept into a working prototypes that can be tested by ourselves and volunteers from the BBQ community. From these prototypes, we can test for durability, usability and also identify areas for improvement. Once feedback has been gained and the product approved, design improvements can be made before they go into production.

By working closely with local suppliers, we are supporting local industry and also benefiting from very quick production and delivery when stock is low

Why everyone's talking about the Smokerig Plancha

Premium Quality

Manufactured from 6mm carbon steel with a typical weight of over 10kg. Excellent thermal conductivity. Smooth finish providing a perfect cooking surface. Will last for many years

UK Manufactured

Designed and manufactured in UK with local Staffordshire based manufacturers and engineers. Providing rapid development and delivery

Available in various sizes and styles

Currently available for 57cm Charcoal Kettle BBQs followed by a range to cater for popular charcoal and gas BBQs

Perfect for Smash Burgers

Smooth finish provides the perfect surface for smashed burger style of cooking. Perfect for chilli cheese steaks, fajitas, fried rice, full English breakfast and many more.

6mm Carbon Steel

Heavy gauge carbon steel providing excellent thermal properties for hot plate style of cooking. Seasoning and ongoing cooking develops a natural no-stick coating that is both safe and also provides a natural protection to the plancha.


Shipping to UK and EU



Email us at rigs@smokerig.co.uk


Next day delivery on all orders placed before 12 noon


30 day no quibble guarantee.


C D Northern IrelandTested Kettle Plancha Prototype

These are a great bit of kit, very heavy duty. They get up to and hold temp really well, we used a chimney of charcoal underneath leaving a space with no charcoal to one side to create a slightly cooler safe area.

J L EnglandTested Kettle Plancha Prototype

“I’ve found the Smokerig plancha so easy to use. its strong, robust and amazing quality. This is a must add to anyone’s BBQ kit” J L England

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