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Seasoning Your Plancha – Charcoal BBQs

Before cooking on the plancha we need to wash and season the surface to create that natural non-stick coating. This is the same process as seasoning a steel wok or cast iron cookware. What is Seasoning.  The seasoning process is the baking of a thin layer of oil into the surface of the metal. Repeating the process will build up the layers of baked oil and will give the steel that dark tanned shiny appearance. The plancha comes with some oil...

Useful Kit For Flat Top Cooking

To get the most from your Plancha and to enhance your cooking experience on a flat top griddle, we recommend a list of the following equipment. We don't sell these but we will provide links on where you can find them.   1. IR Thermometer If you are using only buy one piece of equipment, buy an IR Thermometer. This is even more essential when using a flat top griddle on a charcoal bbq. Your target temperature may be 175C and these...


Plancha Smoked Steak

Smoked Steak   One of my favourite things about BBQ is the potential of flavour combinations you just cannot create in the kitchen. It is not just rubs and seasonings, but fuel types, smoking woods and cooking surfaces. A plancha is great for developing flavour in steaks. It is the perfect surface to create the Maillard reaction, without overcooking. It is also very easy to add smoke to your food on your plancha, you just need some tin foil or a...

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