We’re Back!!

We’re Back!!

We’re back…almost. The website has been down for a while so we could concentrate on the new designs and refresh the structure of the website for easy navigation. We’ve still work to do on the website, including the user gallery, recipe section and how to become involved by becoming a tester of our prototype models. There may be a couple of dead links which we are working on at the moment.

New models/Designs

Kettle Plancha
The original Kettle Plancha that we started with over a year ago has had a facelift. New features are two handle cut outs that make the plancha easier to carry and to handle in and out of the kettle. The cut outs still enable access to coals and a drip tray for cleaning food debris off the plancha. The overall shape of the plancha provides an easy spin within the kettle. Still manufactured from 6mm carbon steel together with that smooth surface for the perfect smash burger.

A kettle Plancha with half flat top cooking area and half open grate. Same material and qualities of the kettle plancha together with an open grate to extend your range of cooking options. A real burger machine for smashing burgers while toasting buns on the open grate

Smokering Plancha
A similar function of the Fifty50 but with an open grate. The Smokering Plancha has a removable inner grate for the option of using wood or tending to coals. Also works with Weber GBS system. Further additions are coming such as risers that will allow you raise the inner grate for Santa Maria style cooking.

Baking Steel
Ditch the stone, get the steel. We currently have 2 styles of baking steels for that perfect pizza. 1 340mm diameter circular and a 340mm x 340mm square (yes its fits the Ooni 3). Both are 6mm thick and offer excellent thermal properties that way out perform pizza stones. Further sizes will be available including 340x400mm and 400mmx400mm. Will also be in a choice of 6mm or 8mm. The surface on the baking steels is different to that of the planchas. The steels have been finished with a rougher surface to enable dough/pizzas to easily slide on and off the steel.

Travel Plancha.
We are currently testing the travel plancha which works with the Weber Go Anywhere. Comes in 4 different options.

Other designs.
High on the list for new designs are:
Kamado Joe and Big Joe
Thuros T1
Weber Spirit & Genesis range
Generic plancha for gas grills.

Last year our progress in getting out new models was a little slow. We are now working with a new supplier who is able to provide us prototypes quickly so we can get them out for testing before launch. The new suplier also have a wider manufacturing facility which means we will be able to not only get new models out quickly, but also a wider variety of products.

We will be adding more features to the website including how to maintain and get the best from your plancha/grill.

Please do get in touch If you have any suggestions for new grills to cater, products you’d like to see or if you have any questions at all.

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Many thanks ~Smokerig BBQ

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