Baking Steel


Baking Steel


Ditch the stone, get the steel.

Give your pizza and baking experience the benefits of a baking steel for that superb crust and extra spring.




Boost your baking experience and replace your baking/pizza stone with a heavy duty, high heat conducting baking steel. Steel is a highly durable and has superior thermal properties that conventional pizza stones.


Better conductivity – Gets to temperature quicker than conventional pizza stone. Provides excellent crust to pizzas due to its efficient transfer of heat from the steel to the dough, giving you a thicker crust and higher rise.

High thermal mass – Conducts and holds more heat energy enabling you to add further pizzas/dough to the steel without extended recovery time waiting for the steel to come back to temp

Durability – No worries about shattered stone. This heavy duty steel will provide years of service.

Choice of sizes:

Circular 340mm diameter x 6mm

340mm x 340mm x 6mm

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 600 × 600 × 6 cm

340mm x 340mm x 6mm, 340mm x 6mm Dia, 400 x 340 x 8

2 reviews for Baking Steel

  1. 5 out of 5

    Christine Dale

    I have one of these in our Uuni (or Ooni as they are now called) I think they get to temp quicker than a stone, conduct heat better to your pizza and are quicker to recover in between pizzas, We have it in the 2s with gas. Definitely upped our pizza game

  2. 5 out of 5

    Aaron Rowsthorn

    Excellent product. I got a pizza steel from these guys to use both in my home oven and ooni koda.
    In the oven it gets really hot (much quicker than any other pizza tray/stone I have used). It cooks the pizza in about 5-7 minutes giving an excellent base and crust. I have also used tortilla wraps on it as a base for a great snack with purée and cheese etc.
    On my ooni it gets to temp much quicker than a stone, retains heat really well between pizzas and gives a nicer crust (you need the square pizza steel for this).
    Highly recommend with outstanding service to boot.

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