The Duo – 10mm Baking Steel and Plancha In One

The Duo – 10mm Baking Steel and Plancha In One


Brand New Product For 2020

Welcome to the Smokerig Duo – A dual use 10mm Baking Steel and plancha for use indoors and outdoors. Weighing in excess of 10kg, this is our highest performing baking steel to date


Introducing the new Duo from Smokerig BBQ. This unique double use Plancha and Baking Steel, offers incredible searing and baking capabilities due to it’s 10kg+ of 10mm carbon steel offering excellent heat retention and thermal conductivity. This dual use steel can be used outside on your BBQ, inside on the kitchen hob and in the oven as a high powered baking steel.

When used as a plancha (Hot plate) on your kitchen hob or on your BBQ, the Duo features a precision CNC machine grease trap to avoid any unwanted spills.  The finely smooth surface is perfect for searing steaks, cooking smash burgers or enjoying a full fry up. Once seasoned, the Duo will offer a natural none stick coating that will develop the more you cook on it.

At 400mm x 340mm x 10mm, the Duo comes in at over 10kg and is almost twice the thickness of a standard baking steel giving a superior crisp base to pizzas, flat breads and loaves.

The Duo is highly versatile and can be used in the oven as a hot plate for your baking tin to speed up the baking process. This method gives excellent results for cooks such Yorkshire puddings and deep pan pizzas as the Duo rapidly transfers its heat by conduction into the baking tin or cast iron pan/skillet


Further pictures and details coming soon


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