Baking Steel


Baking Steel


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Ditch the stone, get the steel.

Give your pizza and baking experience the benefits of a baking steel for that superb crust and extra spring.

5 sizes now available:

6mm – Great For Pizza and Bread

340mm x 340mm x 6mm- £32
340mm x 400mm x 6mm- £35
340mm Round x 6mm- £32 

8mm -Perfect for pizza due to added thermal mass

340mm x 340mm x 8mm- £39 
340mm x 400mm x 8mm- £42 

Also see the new Duo – our 10mm Basking Steel and Plancha in one

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  1. Boost your baking experience and replace your baking/pizza stone with a heavy duty, high heat conducting baking steel. Steel is a highly durable and has superior thermal properties compared to conventional pizza stones.


Better conductivity – Gets to temperature quicker than conventional pizza stone. Provides excellent crust to pizzas due to its efficient transfer of heat from the baking steel to the dough, giving you a thicker crust and higher rise.

High thermal mass – Conducts and holds more heat energy enabling you to add further pizzas/dough to the steel without extended recovery time waiting for the baking steel to come back to temp

Durability – No worries about shattered stone. This heavy duty steel will provide years of service.

Treated Surface – Surface treatment that helps easy movement of breads/pizzas and avoids dough sticking to the steel.

Choice of sizes:


Round: 350mm diameter x 6mm

Square: 340mm x 340mm x 6mm (fits Unni/Ooni 3 & Koda)

Rectangle: 400mm x 340mm x 6mm

8mm – additional thermal mass offering superb performance for pizza 

Square: 340mm x 340mm x 8mm (fits Ooni 3 & Koda)

Rectangle: 400mm x 340mm x 8mm


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340mm x 340mm x 8mm, 340mm x 400mm x 6mm, 340mm x 400mm x 8mm, 340mm x 340mm x 6mm, 340mm x 6mm Dia

8 reviews for Baking Steel

  1. 5 out of 5

    Christine Dale

    I have one of these in our Uuni (or Ooni as they are now called) I think they get to temp quicker than a stone, conduct heat better to your pizza and are quicker to recover in between pizzas, We have it in the 2s with gas. Definitely upped our pizza game

  2. 5 out of 5

    Aaron Rowsthorn

    Excellent product. I got a pizza steel from these guys to use both in my home oven and ooni koda.
    In the oven it gets really hot (much quicker than any other pizza tray/stone I have used). It cooks the pizza in about 5-7 minutes giving an excellent base and crust. I have also used tortilla wraps on it as a base for a great snack with purée and cheese etc.
    On my ooni it gets to temp much quicker than a stone, retains heat really well between pizzas and gives a nicer crust (you need the square pizza steel for this).
    Highly recommend with outstanding service to boot.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Wendy Nelson

    Brilliant!! Cooked my homemade pizzas perfectly and far quicker than normal !! Amazing !! Highly recommend !!! I bought 2 . My family love Friday pizza night !

  4. 5 out of 5

    Emre Tuncoglu (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery, excellent pizza steel, very reasonable price.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Matt (verified owner)

    Fantastic Product. Using in my home oven have been able to make perfect pizzas. Seems to get hotter than stone and holds the heat a lot longer.

    Customer Support is also outstanding. Highly recommend!

  6. 5 out of 5

    John (verified owner)

    Really impressive! I Bought the steel for pizzas and bread, the order came in a few days and was well priced. Did the first couple of pizzas on the steel this evening and it was better than expected.

    5stars – if you like your pizza you need this pizza steel.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Cheech Albanese (verified owner)

    After searching for a Pizza steel, it was either this or a double the price one from Denmark. Very happy I have gone with one. After years of using a pizza stone, I can clearly see the difference in the Pizzas from the PIzza steel. I actually use this in my BBQ which gets up to about 400 degrees oven temperature. The pizza steel in the BBQ gets to about 350. So the pizza cooks quicker. I will need to change my hydration levels to match the performance of this Pizza steel. The highest my stone ever got was about 220. So that is a huge performance difference. I can’t wait to be using this in my Ooni PIzza oven when it arrives. My Neapolitan pizzas come out with just the right amount of crisp to the base and a nice fluffy crust. Take your pizza to the next level and get a pizza steel.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Ilann (verified owner)

    Game changer for homemade pizza ! Thanks to this steel and my average home oven, I was able to cook a great pizza, it completely change the result of my pizza. I tried many things before, but only the steel was able to create a pizza so close to a pro pizza… Very happy with it. I also appreciated the different choices in size and thickness. Amazin product!

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  1. Welcome to the Pizza Steel by Smokerig BBQ

To get a great pizza we need to get as much heat into the pizza as possible as quick as possible (without burning our pizza). Dedicated pizza ovens will get to 500C and will cook a pizza in 60-90 seconds. This gives a fast cook and well risen dough as the moisture rapidly turns to steam and gives that great rise and a great crust. Without a dedicated pizza oven, 500C is more than double what a conventional kitchen oven can reach which is generally 240C.

To improve the performance of our conventional kitchen oven for cooking pizzas, we need to be able to quickly transfer as much heat as possible into the pizza. Traditionally this is one with a pizza stone which is preheated to store the heat and then quickly transfers that heat into the pizza via conduction. The downsides of pizza stones have been

• Long time to preheat
• Take time to recover the heat between pizzas
• Short lifespan. Fragile and can be prone to break after a while.

A pizza steel outperforms a pizza stone by:
• Better conductivity. Less time to preheat and provides rapid heat transfer to the dough
• Larger thermal mass so it stores more heat and can recover quickly between each pizza cooked
• Virtually indestructible (within a domestic environment)

Due to the large thermal mass and the higher conductivity of the steel, it will hold more heat and transfer that to your pizza much quicker, giving an improved rise and a crispier base.

  • First use – Seasoning

Seasoning the pizza steel will make it easier to clean after use. Apply a thin even coat of vegetable, rapeseed or olive oil and heat on max in the oven for 90 minutes. You may get some small amount of smoke but this is normal. If you apply too much oil, you will get more smoke as the oven but don’t be concerned. Allow to cool in the oven and then your steel will have a seasoned coating. This process isn’t essential but will improve the surface finish of your steel. Note: If using a steel in an uuni/ooni oven, the heat will get to a temperature that will burn off the seasoning. Don’t be concerned as you can still season if you decide to use it for a dedicated kitchen oven steel.

Cooking With The Steel

Turn your oven on to max setting with the steel in the oven. Once the oven has reached its max temperature, leave ideally a minimum of 45 minutes to allow the oven to get to temperature and to allow the steel to also get to temperature. The more time you can give, the more heat the steel can store. Once the steel is adequately heated, you can go ahead with cooking your pizza. Please note that the pizza will cook quicker than a conventional pizza stone so do keep a careful eye. You can expect the pizza to cook in 4-8 minutes depending on your style/thickness of pizza.

Maintenance/Care Do not wash the steel.

It is to be treated like cast iron cookware so no soap and water is needed. Simply scrape off any food residue and wipe with a dry cloth. If you do use any water, do not allow it to air cool. Wipe dry and apply a thin coat of oil and reheat to add to the seasoning. Over time and with use, the colour of the steel will darken in colour due to the seasoning process.

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